Tamia’s Feet

The first post on my blog will highlight the lovely features of the dear Tamia’s physical appearance. But who is her? She’s a lovely blonde cougar from Germany, very tall and with extremely long feet. For a bit of teasing, you can see her below.


Did I mentioned she likes yoga?
maxresdefault (4)maxresdefault (5)

Already horny? You should be, because the great news are just coming. She’s actually doing a lot of videos. Yes you heard that right, she got an YouTube channel full of videos showing her amazing feet in different types of clothing from the fans that are sending her as gifts. Here’s the link if you want to check it out -> Link

Also, as you became her loser to worship her, I’ve selected another couple of pictures for you to comprehend below.

maxresdefault (3)maxresdefault (2)