Ellie Goulding, maybe one of the hottest legs right now

The british blonde singer, Ellie, has a pair of marvelous legs. As you can see, she got a killer waist, nice long feet and a really cute face. Did I mention she sings?

Ellie Goulding
Ellie Goulding photographed exclusively for The Hollywood Reporter Magazine in London, England at The Lantern Studios.


Oh, and I think she likes rovers too….


She’s one of my biggest crushes, and you can’t brag anything about that.



Lady Sonia, the adulter MILF

If one of the dirties, bad and sexy MILF’s of UK is not Lady Sonia, then I don’t know who is. This lady as she call herself, is breaking the internet with her stunning body. I mean, look at her, I would bang that ass even if she was 90 man.


Also, her feet and tits still look amazing. Her eyes also makes me want not just to stuck my dick in her meat, but also kiss her, look deep in her eyes while eating her pussy.

Also if you are more interested in her, or you want to work with her (Yes you heard that right), you can check her website at this link.
I know you want like me to touch her so bad!
Last set of selected pictures.


Asa Akira, not just a pornstar

I want to write some words about Asa Akira. She may be known by 50% of men in the world as the asian porn chick, but something that really got my attention was her beautiful foot and the attraction that she has for footjobs.ee50aGB
In my opinion, I think she clearly knows how to tease (duuh, she’s a pornstar), but to give affection and love. That may sound like I’m just a wanker fan and I’m kissing her ass, well that could be possible. In the meantime, I can just tell you that she’s flexible bro…

But I guess at the end of the day she’s just a little devil-cocksucking-cute-charming pornstar, and you can’t brag about it.


Danica Collin’s Genuine Looking

One of the best MILF’s that UK has ever seen. This post is displaying Danica Collin’s elegance and erotism together with a pair of beautiful legs in stockings and high heels.


She is one of those type of woman that tease you but not with a slim waist and perfect boobs and ass, but sensuality, personality and great posing. You can see clearly that she’s that type of mom that would drive you crazy, boiling in pleasure, licking her feet and fucking her hard. Damn, I’m getting hard just thinking about her. Let’s see more pictures of her.

She’s just perfect, I would impregnate her anytime, her age doesn’t count.7d78670dd89a883858f9e4302e500bdc

She’s an amazing mommy, and you can check and support her at this link. A couple more pictures for the final.


Tamia’s Feet

The first post on my blog will highlight the lovely features of the dear Tamia’s physical appearance. But who is her? She’s a lovely blonde cougar from Germany, very tall and with extremely long feet. For a bit of teasing, you can see her below.


Did I mentioned she likes yoga?
maxresdefault (4)maxresdefault (5)

Already horny? You should be, because the great news are just coming. She’s actually doing a lot of videos. Yes you heard that right, she got an YouTube channel full of videos showing her amazing feet in different types of clothing from the fans that are sending her as gifts. Here’s the link if you want to check it out -> Link

Also, as you became her loser to worship her, I’ve selected another couple of pictures for you to comprehend below.

maxresdefault (3)maxresdefault (2)